Tinsley Celestin Brooks

March 8th 1954 - August 3rd 2020



A Life of CARE

Tinsley Celestin Brooks was the consummate Nurse. Her major qualities are an acronym for CARE. Compassionate, Analytical, Resourceful and Educated. She became interested in Nursing at three years of age. Her mother encouraged her to follow her dreams and her father made those dreams come true with the purchase of a "nurse set" one Christmas. He became a willing outpatient as she successfully treated him for a variety of imaginary broken bones, and an assortment of pretend diseases, even an impromptu surgery.


Her toy nursing set was unable to halt Cancer, which eventually claimed her Mom and Tinsley's middle sister and tried to lay claim to her elder Sis. As Tinsley grew older, she would join forces with others dedicated toward a cure and pursue a commitment to the Sisters Network - Chicago Chapter and the fight against breast cancer.


In her spare time this delicate and former modern jazz dancer would marry her childhood lover, raise a son, adopt several nieces and nephews, gain a handful of incredible Sista-friends, develop a fondness for "Barbie Dolls", and travel the World. She would also distinguish herself with certifications of RN, BSN, CCM, become a Nurse Consultant in Workers Comp for major insurance companies and an a relationship advocate writing 3 fictional works called, "The PLAYA Line". She was proud to be among Father George Clements longest married couples list. Among other noteworthy accomplishments she was a Landlord amassing 5 properties and expanding her rental families.


She displayed her friendship publicly but bore her pain privately. Her battle against cancer would continue with zeal while the disease would stealthily plot to afflict her. Many friends exclaim, "I NEVER knew she was sick". She had a 3 year struggle with MS and cleverly hid the affliction from her husband for a major portion of that time. It heaped additional ailments on this former dancers shoulders and she knelt to a knee under the sheer weight but fought until the end of life on this physical plane, vowing to continue and join other souls in the spiritual realm. 


Continuing the war on this earth (1954 - 2020)'she leaves behind a husband Hosea, a son Asaan, an adopted nephew William (Tasha), an elder brother Horace Jr. (Donna), a sister Carolyn (Floyd), a protective brother Aldric , another brother Dennis (Quita) and a baby brother Willie (Lorraine); a cadre of aunts, uncles, cousins and a legion of friends.


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