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Madison & Benjamin

As they say   'I Do'   on 9/12/2020
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September 12th, 2020

Time of Ceremony: 4:30 EST 


Love in the Time of Corona:
A Note from Us

Hi Loved Ones! Madison and Ben here. Thank you for RSVP’ing YES to our virtual wedding!


We have been SO excited planning for this wedding for the past year. When we got word of Covid-19 coming to town, we were hopeful that it would not affect our September wedding. Well, we were sorely mistaken. We were so looking forward to celebrating with you in person but we felt it was in everyone’s best interest that we cancel our original wedding and host a virtual one instead. 


Our small ceremony will now be livestreamed for all who wish to tune in on September 12th. The safety and comfort of our friends and family is our #1 priority and we felt it was irresponsible and maybe even impossible to gather in a large group at this time. We know that our wedding day will be a special and memorable day no matter what. We have never forgotten that we are getting married because we want to commit to this next step and build a life together—not because we want to have a big party. (Although both would have been nice!) Thank you all for being so supportive and loving. You have each made Ben and I feel so special and cared for during this time. 

Our story
Ben in Madison’s eyes:

Madison says her favorite things about Ben are his fierce loyalty, his protective nature, and his sense of humor. She notes that he’s most funny when he’s trying not to be funny. She says that when they first started dating it was only a matter of weeks before she knew he was “the one”. He has sent her love letters and notes on various occasions and she has kept every one of them in a heart shaped box for when they are old and gray.


Speaking of gray, Madison notices Ben is getting grayer by the day. She jokes that she hopes it isn’t because of her and her eccentricities, but she remembers commenting on one of his Instagram pictures before they were dating saying “silver is sexy!” Despite her keen sense of intuition, she had no idea Ben’s proposal was coming. This was the only time to date that he successfully surprised her. She feels their relationship is epic, to say the least, but laughs often about how much he reminds her of Larry David in many ways.    

Madison in Ben’s eyes:

Ben says his favorite things about Madison are that she is so freaking adorable and she makes him feel cared for and so loved. Since the moment they started dating, he said that it felt like he knew her for his entire life. No matter where Ben is, he feels at home as long as Madison is there with him.


There is a comfort level between them beyond what he thought was possible. He is able to be his 100% true self around her with no judgement…most of the time. Ben invited Madison to move in with him less than three months into their relationship because in his mind she was the woman he would spend the rest of his life with, without a doubt.


He fully owns the fact that he is very similar to Larry David but would like to add “in the best way possible”. He asks, “honestly…what’s wrong with Larry?” 

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