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Charles Bernard Williams


September 29th 1969 - April 16th 2020

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Charles Bernard Williams

Charles Bernard Williams was born September 29, 1969 in Brooklyn New York, to Bernice Williams and Willie Hamlin. Charles went to be with the Lord on April 16, 2020.

Charles was baptized at the age of two, at Bethel African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) church. 

Charlie was a very loving person. I am going to miss him very much. 

Charles attended Graceland Park Elementary School, Sacred Heart of Mary, John F. Kennedy High School in Montgomery County, Maryland. He also attended The University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Maryland and Baltimore City Community College for design, sewing and upholstery. At the age of twenty-five Charlie started his own upholstery business. 

Charlie was a very professional and hard-working person. His source of pride and joy was his family. 

Charlie was known for his winning personality and gentle spirit. Charlie was very close to his family. Charlie loved to debate you on football and politics. 

Charlie was preceded in death by his late grandparents. Mrs. Florence Hamlin, Mr. Heyward Hamlin Sr. Ms. Rosetta Johnson, Mr. Thomas Johnson. his Uncle Mr. Bernard Thomas Scott. his stepfather Mr. Gilbert Branford Sr. and his brother Gilbert Branford Jr. 

Charlie leaves these family members, to the Glorily of God for his victory. Charles mother is Ms. Bernice Williams Branford, his father is Willie T. Hamlin, MD; he has two brothers Mr. Damian Hamlin and Mr. William Silver Jr. Charlie had two stepmothers, formerly Ms. Ann Hamlin and Mrs. Ness Hamlin. He leaves Aunt Karen Johnson Bowes, Uncle’s Mr. Thomas Johnson Jr., Mr. John Hamlin and Mr. Brooks Hamlin. He leaves Cousin Mr. Aaron Johnson and numerous other loved relatives and friends. To his very special friends, Mr. Raymond Berkeley Ginger and Patty.

Charles dedicated his life to extending love, devotion, respect and compassion to every friend, family member and human being that crossed his path. 

As a gentle, proud black man he demonstrated how to live a meaningful life filled with devotion and love for his fellow human beings. 

We were all made better by his example and association. 


Forever In Our Hearts 


Tribute to My Son

Charles blessed me with being my first-born child. He was always loving, respectful, hardworking, with a sharp independent mind. He was devoted, protective and always loving towards his family and friends. 

Charles was very patient; an old soul who never met a person he couldn’t start a conversation or friendship with; regardless of age, race, religion or economic status. He would give total strangers his last dollar, and never turned his back on anyone in need. His humor, smile and compassion was contagious.

Never did we ever imagine like a quarter of a million fellow Americans, that he would be one of the victims of a lying, delusional psychopath, racist  and traitor in the White House.  

Charles only displayed anger if he witnessed an injustice, regardless of the status, race, age or gender of the victim. He was raised to be a advocate for “the least of these”

Charles was wise beyond his years. He carried himself with dignity and made me proud to be his father. His frequent “Hey Dad” will never leave my mind and my heart. Love is Eternal. Six am on April 16, 2020 will be etched in my mind and heart forever. 

Charlie, it was an honor, an education and blessing to be your father. 


Willie T. Hamlin, MD., 

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A father is someone who makes a child. 

A Dad is a father who shows all his love no matter what. 

You were always there for Charlie. I know you loved him very much. Charlie would always tell me that he had talked to you and how much he loved you. 

Charlie talked about the things that you, him and Ness did together.

Charlie loved going out with you and Ness. He would talk about the good times you all had together. He would tell me, “mom I talked to my Dad today,” and have the biggest smile on his face. 

Charlie loved you and would do anything for you. If you needed an arm, he would have given his legs also. Pete, I want to thank you for being here for me and Pop. You are the best Dad a person could have. 


Thank you for being Charlie’s Dad 

Of course, growing up I was able to spend more time with my cousin than now in adulthood. In true essence the "always later" came into play in adulthood. Time and space separated us and the busiest of life embedded in when things slow down, we will get together. 

It was a reunion that we kept putting off. One that we should never have. That I regret. 


However, going up what I will remember that I am holding fast to is Charlie's ability to know what he desires to do and do that. I will remember going to his "studio" and seeing the beautiful upholstery work he was doing. It was clear he had decided "I just want to make beautiful things even if nobody cares". Oh to have that freedom in our lives even now to make beautiful things out of crafts but even more to make beautiful things out of lives. 


To live, to breathe, to believe, to love even if nobody cares. Our first cousin chain broke way too soon but touched forever. 


Love, Florence

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I can't believe I'm writing this.  CHARLIE I'm just writing what comes to my mind....YOU were  BEAUTIFUL NEPHEW.  You were mild tempered, funny, intelligent, our Go To when we needed things done.  You brought JOY to my heart.  


I remember when you would call me and say "It's CHARLIE BROWN" I LOVED hearing you say that and would LAUGH when we hung up.


WE got even closer during your Mom's illness.  It was the 4 of us together.  


I CAN BARELY SLEEP THINKING ABOUT THIS....I wake up every morning around 3 thinking about you.  





Ms. Karen Johnson 

Nephew we will miss you dearly but love that we were able to spend time together, to talk with each other, and ultimately to love one another. 

We will not ask God to explain this but only to know He makes no mistakes. 


We will keep your memories alive and forever in our hearts. Watch over us and our family and tell our Mom Florence and Dad Heyward hello. I know yall are having a great time catching up. Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord." (Matthew 25:21). 


We love you, Uncle John and Aunt Lanie

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I Woke Up 

I woke up this morning. Thinking of America and the people that have lost their loved ones to the virus. 

My head was hurting and so is my heart. I was thinking of the funerals. I was thinking that I was at the altar praying; saying all the things that were on my heart.


I was telling myself what a great country we have, and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So don’t give up. 

Lord can you hear American crying. We pray Dear Lord that you take care of the people that are hurting. 


Lord, lead American’s loved one through your heavenly gate. See to it that these soul’s rest in peace. Take them home to be with their loved one’s that have passed long before them. 


Lord, look after their soul’s Lord

Americans need you to watch over us, to help us to make the right decisions. 

Lord we need you to give us the strength to make it through the emptiness and the pain. 

Ms. Bernice Williams



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